Melissa Doll

First Impressions

In the title bar of MelissaDoll she says “I’ll be your little hardcore angel.” That’s all you need to see to know what her site is all about. She’s not your typical teen model who won’t even take her clothes off; Melissa shares everything with you, including her desire to have a hot cock in her pussy and to swallow cum. Aside from being a horny slut, Melissa is a genuine cutie. She has a warm smile, beautiful brown hair that she styles in the cutest possible ways, and a tight teen body that looks great in the various outfits she dresses in.

Hot Promises

Melissa’s advertises four different attractions for her site. The first of these, and the best reason to join, is the video clips, which is where Melissa does her hardcore work. You’ll see hardcore sex, threesomes, and lesbian hookups. She also has a nice supply of picture galleries, most of which are solo posing images. Lastly she promises two interactive features: live cam shows and a diary that she says will contain her innermost thoughts. Let’s see how it all works out on the inside!


The member’s area makes use of pinks and greens, but the colors don’t actually go that well together. When coupled with the grey background it all looks a bit messy. It’s only a minor drawback though; you aren’t joining because you want to appreciate the skill of their design. You want to check out Melissa’s hot ass and tight pussy, which you can certainly do plenty of.

There’s easy to use navigation text at the top and bottom of every page that takes you to each section of the site. The first major content section I visited was the picture pages. Melissa has 51 picture galleries, each with an average of 50-100 images. It’s in the picture galleries that you can truly appreciate how beautiful Melissa is. In the latest gallery added she’s posing with her blonde friend Kelly Summer and she looks positively radiant. That gallery is also a good example of how Melissa isn’t the slightest bit shy about her approach to making porn. She’s more than happy to dip her tongue into Kelly’s pussy, or any of her other lesbian friends.

The picture galleries feature both solo content and lesbian relations. Melissa has a number of hot girlfriends and they all seem to be willing to take their clothes off and eat pussy on camera. Each thumbnails open in a new window, which saves you the hassle of having to hit the back button frequently. It doesn’t appear as though any new galleries have been added in quite some time, perhaps even years.

The picture galleries are nice, but MelissaDoll really shines in the video section. There are 50 full length scenes here, each running 15-30 minutes depending on the action depicted. Melissa does just about everything in the sexual realm, including anal. The videos come in three flavors: hardcore guy/girl sex, lesbian sex, and solo sex in which she fucks herself with a dildo. Each type is well represented, although the hardcore sex has a slight edge when it comes to total content.

Each video can be downloaded in either a high speed or low speed version depending on your connection. Obviously, the high speed version is going to look better. Each scene is broken up into smaller parts to allow for easier downloading. You can also browse a screencap gallery from each video to help you decide which clips to download. The best part about the videos is how hardcore Melissa is willing to get; even when she’s playing with herself she’s driving a dildo or her fingers deep into her pussy. I’m willing to be you haven’t seen a teen babe with this kind of enthusiasm for sex.

Earlier I spoke about Melissa’s fan interaction initiatives, her diary and her live shows. As it turns out, neither of those was ever pursued at great length. The last diary entry occurred in January 2005, so you can rest assured that there won’t be any more of those. I can’t say when the last live show was, but I can say that there will never be another one. There’s a place where the schedule is supposed to be on the site, but it remains blank and will continue to do so in perpetuity.

Before I move on to the final opinion I’d like to mention a few content sets that I found particularly appealing. The first is the aforementioned lesbian set with Kelly Summer. Melissa is just so beautiful in the pictures that you have to witness it for yourself. The second is a hot video in which Melissa fucks her friend in a car as they drive around the neighborhood. There are also about 20 other hot hardcore sets, each of which is worth watching.

Croco’s Opinion

Melissa Doll is one of my favorite teen models for her willingness to get hardcore. She devours dick on camera with great regularity and is more than happy to eat pussy as well. Most teen girls with her frame and cuteness would suffice with putting out stripping and posing galleries all the time. This beautiful babe wants more and she goes and gets it. The addition of 45 high quality bonus sites makes it almost impossible to not sign up.


Making your way through the content is a breeze. The navigation bar the top and bottom of the site brings you everywhere you need to go and the content is laid out in a friendly and helpful way to make your life easier.

Pricing Policy

You can subscribe to a 3 day trial for $2.95, which then renews at $29.95 a month. You can also subscribe outright for 30 days at the $29.95 a month price, or subscribe for 90 days at a bargain price of $59.95. Payments are taken by credit card or check.

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